I’m Back, For Now

It has been well over a year since I blogged here.  I have had 2 blogs since 2007, this being the second.  I spent a lot of time blogging about becoming a new mom and once that was more familiar I began this food blog.  Then, life happened.  I love food.  I love to cook.  Though I may not appear here daily, I hope to restart sharing my passion for all things culinary.

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I am obsessed with English peas.  Right out of the shell, tossed in pasta and topping a salad.  I can never have enough.


Favourite Food Friday: Bun Mee in San Francisco

When my husband went to San Francisco for work last year I had the pleasure of meeting him there for a few “kid-free” days.  All we did was wander and eat.  As we. sat outside having a beer in Pacific Heights we gazed across the street and saw Bun Mee.  We weren’t very hungry, but had to go check it out.  All I can say is “YUM”.  I can’t wait to return!


Photo courtesy of www.fillmorestreetsf.com

bun mee menu

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Favourite Food Friday: Campagnolo Roma in Vancouver

Campagnolo Roma has become one of my favourite spots.  The pizza is out of this world.  The best hidden secret is if you go between 5-6 pm you can get a pizza and beer for $15.  It’s a steal.  The ingredients are always super fresh and they come up with the most interesting combinations.


Photo courtesy of Urbanspoon contributer Lizzy Chun


Photo courtesy of Urbanspoon contributor Sherman